Are you looking for an authentic Japanese Sword?

Have you ever come across with difficulties such as…..

 You are looking for an authentic Japanese sword not an imitation sword, but you do not know where to get one

 You want to buy a sword from Muromachi, Edo Period, but you can not find one in your country

 You can not find reasonable priced items such as Korashie, Tsuba and other parts….

 You wish to receive timely updates on Japanese Swords


If this is you, please visit our store!

Illustration of our store items

With NBTHK Papered Mumei(文珠 Bunzyu) Japanese Antique Samurai Sword WAKIZASHI Edo


Japanese Antique Sword WAKIZASHI koshirae tsuba tsuka menuki habaki MUMEI EDO


Hamon ART by 大原真守(Ohara SANEMORI) Japanese Antique Sword WAKIZASHI


With NBTHK Papered Mumei(越前継平Echizen Tsuguhira)  Japanese Antique Sword WAKIZASHI


10 out of 10 people love our store items!!

Recently I have purchased several Wakazashi NiHonto antique Japanese swords (different orders) from Masa.
Words alone cannot adequately describe the beauty and quality of the blades and Koshire sent to me. The blades themselves are polished to the very highest standard which makes his products special and original. The prices of his antique swords are so reasonable; some cases half the price of from other competitors. The genuine nature of the swords is visible when upon dismantling the swords the precise and correct file marks, hand drilled original Meguki holes. Frequently Masa offers for sale swords have been signed which realty increases the value.
Every NiHonto sold by by Masa is fully verified and accompanied with a unique numbered paper that guarantees origin of Japanese culture and also important, permission to both export from Japan as well as confidentially allow smooth passage and scrutiny by authorities in the buyer’s homeland.
Once permission to export has been granted by the Government of Japan, Masa in evert purchase, has forwarded these by post either that day or the very next business day and always arriving quickly and in perfect condition. His descriptions are always 100 percent accurate and usually a video of the sword is available.
On that subject, the item is most securely packaged in a special tube container and with this considered his postage rates are more than reasonable.
Finally Masa is always happy to correspond with any potential buyer as unlike many vendors he writes in fluent English and can reply quickly to complex enquiries. Especially so with technical and historical questions about his items for sale.

Thank you again,–Sincerely,

Mike — Brisbane Australia



A recent feedback I received from another of my customers:


I started purchasing swords from Masa within the last year to add to my extensive collection.  I have been to Japan numerous times and the quality of his swords are equal to or better than most Japanese sword shops there.
 The swords always arrive in time or earlier than promised with a high polish in a quality saya ( scabbard ), included is the proper documentation.  The descriptions of his swords are extremely accurate and  an accurate representation of the quality of the sword you will receive.The shipping costs are economical comparatively to other dealers on the Internet. Masa’s communication is excellent, I am amazed how he is able to respond to my questions so quickly with the time difference between Japan and the U.S.
I look forward to  making many purchases from him in the future. 



100% Authentic!!

Our store only merchandise Japanese Government officially licensed Japanese swords, and we give you a 100% quality guarantee on the items.  (When we send an item to customer outside Japan, we will need to return the original copy of the sword license to the Japanese  government.  Therefore we will only attach a photo copy of the original license upon shipping)


Greeting from the Store Manager








Hello!  This is Masa, I am the store manager of this Japanese Sword Internet Store.  Many customers have been buying  swords, and sword equipment from my store.  And I have been honored to receive positive feedback from some of the buyers such as :

 「Beautiful sword!」

 「arrived in perfect condition!」

  「Great communication…will do more business!」

and these comments really cheer me up.



One of the reasons that I started this shop is that I want my customers to get the kind of Japanese sword they have been looking for through this store, and they are happy with it!

My genuine heart felt wish is that you will be able to experience the happiness for getting the exact Japanese sword you have been wanting to buy.




3 reasons for choosing this store:


1.Great Customer Service

Great communication, secure and prompt shipping! Highly recommended!! (Australia Mr.S)



Thank you !  Being the store manager of this shop, I have been doing my best to make this store a place where customers can shop with joy and safety.  Please send me a message should you have any questions.

2. A shop specialize in selling Japanese swords made before Edo Period, which may be hard to find.


Beautiful sword, Very old. Very nice. (USA Mr.M)


Thank you!  Our store merchandise official licensed Japanese swords.

We have collections from Edo, and Muromachi Period which are hundreds years old.  We have been selling swords to collectors from over 40 countries, therefore please feel free to shop at our store.



3.Safe Packaging

Excellent condition, pleasure to work with, careful packaging, extreme fast ship!(Mr. J  U.K)



Thank you for your feedback!  We provide excellent packaging, as we aim to deliver safe shipping to all of our customers.





If you are looking for a specific type of Sword (Katana, Wakizashi,Tanto and Sword fittings.), please send me the details by clicking the Inquiry to Masa button below. 





1540_32Payment method: Paypal






We use Paypal system to process purchasing transactions.  Paypal is a global standard, strong and safe payment system.


1540_32Shipping by EMS



In general, we ship the items by EMS, with tracking number and insurance.  Therefore, even if you live outside Japan, you can still enjoy shopping Japanese swords from our store.  However, there are countries and regions that cannot be sent by EMS, but please send us a message should you have questions.


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