The payments must be made by PayPal or credit cards.

We use the Paypal system,PayPal.




We use Paypal system to process purchasing transactions.  Paypal is a global standard, strong and safe payment system.

You need register Paypal account when you buy our item by credit card.






In general, we ship the items by EMS, with tracking number and insurance.  Therefore, even if you live outside Japan, you can still enjoy shopping Japanese swords from our store.  However, there are countries and regions that cannot be sent by EMS, but please send us a message should you have questions.






Handling time

I can ship the item after 3 weeks your purchase.because I have to take
permission from Japanese government.(in case of Sword.)

Other sword fitting can be sent within 5 days after purchase.



When we send an item to customer outside Japan, we will need to return the original copy of the sword license to the Japanese government. Therefore we will only attach a photo copy of the original license upon shipping.

(in case of Sword.)